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Daily Training – May 22nd


Book your training day on May 22nd !

Like any other competition, you will need to train to be ready, not only to get back in shape but also to get use to the location, the water conditions and the competition setting.

On May 22nd, 23rd, & 24th & we organize training days for all the competitors with the same conditions than on the competition, including safety team, counterweight, tags, countdown, starting list…

  • Price for 1 to 3 trainings: $40 USD/training – including at least one official deep dive per day, 2 if it fits in the schedule

The Cenote is open to the public, if you bring your own buoy you can practice with a buddy for free (without the access to the competition setting). You will need to ask the organizer or the chief of safety before entering the water for safety issues.

Remember we also offer a 3 days pass for the official training.

If you have no previous freediving competition experience you should sign up to the workshop and not to those trainings (see above).

To fully enjoy the event get your pass for:

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