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Get registered to compete in the next Azul Freediving Challenge edition

Registration protocol

How to register to Azul Freediving Challenge ? 

To be part of the next edition of the competition, follow the registration steps as indicated below:

  1. Contact us using with the contact form below
  2. We will send you an email with practical information & a link to complete your official registration form and your payment.
  3. Send us back the the duly completed registration form (if it is not totally filled, it will be not accepted) and book your spot to the competition and to the different workshops and trainings.
  4. We will send you back a confirmation by mail – MANDATORY to answer to this email .
  5. Your spot will be confirmed at this point
  6. We will add you on the Whatsapp Competition Group a couple of weeks before the event
  7. MANDATORY TO BE at the personal registration, on Thursday night* before first day of the competition at 6.00 PM at Pranamaya Freediving House. There you will complete the next steps:
    • Personal Registration : Passport, Paperwork, AIDA national affiliation**
    • Doctor Check
    • Lanyard Check with official judge
    • Announcement for the first day of competition
    • Presentation of the event, rules …

* Bring some money if you want to buy some equipment at the shop before the comp.

**If you want your performance to be official with Aida international you will need to be affiliated to your Aida national from your country before the competition starts.

Registration deadline for 2024 FALL EDITION is September 8th

Pre-Registration Form

Please fill out the form, and we will contact you shortly to finalize your registration.

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