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Rules & Disciplines

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Three Days - Three Disciplines

Become the Overall Champion or Win your favorite discipline
Constant Weight with Bi-Fins

Constant Weight with Bi-Fins


Probably the most common depth version of Freediving.  The diver descends and ascends only using  bi-fins with flutter kick.  The diver is not allowed to pull on any guide ropes or change the weight used. Official AIDA discipline. 

In this discipline the diver cannot use fins, however, in this case, the diver can use the guide rope for propulsion on the descent and on the ascent. This the most relaxing but also the slowest discipline. Official AIDA discipline. 

Constant Weight No Fins


In this discipline, the diver does not wear any type of fin.  The diver uses only muscle strength to propel them downwards and back up again and can only use the line as reference and for the turn. It is generally regarded as the most difficult official AIDA discipline. 

Who can participate ?

Azul Freediving Challenge

All Level Competition

From beginner to high level freedivers, this international competition is open to any certified freedivers who wants to have fun and make good dives! If you are not certified, you can get freediving education with us at Pranamaya Freediving. Minimum age is 18 years old.


Mandatory to be certified to participate, but it is not necesary to have competition experience. We highly recommend to sign up to the competition workshop to get ready for the event. Special price for first timers! Minimum age is 18 years old.


Perfect competition for advanced freedivers, the perfect conditions and the safety team is a great oportunity for deep dives and breaking personal best. Focus on your favorite discipline, be smart and you might get the overall award ! Training will be available the week before the comp.

High level Athlete

85 meters is not enough ? If your PB is more than 85m you can still participate but into a special category. The challenge will be to dive 70m but making the same time that your annouced dive time. The most precise diver will win the Money Prize ! >> More details

Competition Set Up!

  • Official freediving platform
  • 3 safety divers on the comp line and 1 on the warm up lines minimum
  • First safety freediver will wait at a third of the announced depth
  • Lanyard mandatory on every dives (including warm up dives)
  • Bottom light and camera on the bottom plate
  • Underwater scooter – Dive-Xtras Piranha for safety divers and surface tow
  • Oxygen kit available on site in case of emergency
  • Oxygen available for after dives deeper than 55m – different tank that the emergency O2
  • No boat required, freediver can be on main land within a minute, into a car within 5 min and at the clinic within 15 minutes
  • Medical assistance will be on site during the event
  • Official doctor will check every freediver before and after the dive
  • We will provide you a map of the site for better understanding
Azul Freediving Challenge

Competition Rules

  • No one dives alone at any time.
  • Three disciplines: Constant weight No Fins – Free Immersion – Constant weight Bifins.
  • There is a winner (male and female) for the overall (best amount of points in the three categories).
  • There is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (male and female) for each discipline.
  • There is a price for the winner between competition first timers
  • During this competition we will respect the AIDA standards at all time.
  • Please, have a look at the competition rules manual before the comp, it is online on the AIDA website.
  • Two official AIDA judge will be on the line to check all performance.
  • Respect of the surface protocol.
  • Respect of the countdown.
  • Bring the tag from the bottom.
  • All dives will be filmed and there will be a bottom camera to ensure the respect of the constant weight rules.
  • Depth announcement can be 5 meters deeper than your personal best but not more.
  • Warm up dives are allowed 45 min before the official dive.
  • You must go out of the competition area after your dives.
  • You will wear an official gauge for all the official dives.
  • Announcement must be done the day before the dive before 6pm.
Azul Freediving Challenge

Specific Rules

  • It is necessary to have all the paperwork, to make the announcement, check the lanyard and make payments the day before the competition during the meeting.
  • 85 meters max depth.
  • If two athletes has the same depth on the dive, the freediver closer to his announced dive time will be the winner.
  • Monofin are not allowed.
  • in case of a black out happening below the surface, the freediver will be out of the competition.
  • In case you need more than 20 second to recover from a black out you will be out of the competition.
  • In case of light surface black out, it will be a decision of the staff if you can continue the competition.
  • It is not allowed to go back down once the turn has been done (like on equalization issues).
  • In case of lung injury, the athlete will not be allowed to compete anymore (under the supervision of the doctor).
  • the freedivers schedule will be made on a pyramid system – shallow to deep then deep to shallow.
  • There will be a dive starting every 8 minutes (this can be change if the safety or judge think it is better).
  • The athlete can choose the discipline of his choice on the day that he wants. Each day a different discipline.
  • The water is really warm, so there is not really any need of wetsuit but it is mandatory to have a neutral buoyancy at minimum 8m or deeper – so make sure you have enough neoprene to have some buoyancy.
  • It is recommend to have a coach for your dive, do not wait the last moment to find one.
  • Oxygen is not allowed before or between dives.
  • Try to have your dive time as precise as possible, it will help a lot the safety team.
  • The athlete need to sign up minimum 45 min before the dive or you will not be allowed to dive.
  • if there is an external incident during the dive because of the organization you will be able to redo your dive.
  • In case of disagreement with the judges’ decision, you will be allowed to protest. Price is 50 Euros, you will get your money back only if you win the protest.
  • You will be allowed to repeat the same discipline each day if you wish, the best performance done will be validated.

70m Challenge

Be part of the most accurate challenge

Would you like to win the 70m Challenge Money Prize?
Make a dive at 70m with a perfect announced time and you can win the cash! 

Who can participate?

  • If your PB is above 85m, you will not be able to participate to the competition but you will have the opportunity to participate to the #70m challenge and win the money price.
  • If your PB is below 85m you are also allowed to participate to the #70m challenge. Your dive will countin the overall and if you make the perfect time you can can also win the price. If you want to participate, there is an extra fee of 1000 pesos and you will have to respect all the rules of the challenge.
  • Freedivers with a personal best above 85m in a discipline cannot participate in that specific category but can participate to the challenge.
  • try the perfect 70m dives matching exactly your announced time.
  • If two athletes or more manage the challenge, the money price will be shared.
  • PB must be less than 85m to be part of the competition and challenge.
  • you can try the dive every day (if respect the black out rules).
  • Dive computer, depth and or time alarm are not allowed, only official gauge and has to be carried somewhere where it cannot be seen by the diver.
  • Not allowed to hang.
  • Competition protocol has to be respected.
  • Any discipline is accepted.
  • if a athlete make the challenge during the competition, the challenge will be validated.
Azul Freediving Challenge

Behaviour during the competition

  • Please, sign up to the competition office at your arrival each day
  • Public will be there during the event.
  • Be responsible of your personal items, Pranamaya and Cenote Yum-Kin are not responsible of your personal stuff.
  • We will have a separated area only for freediver, please use this space to get ready.
  • The Cenote is an unique location, natural and beautiful, we will ask you to be aware and the most eco-friendly possible. Do not use sun protection (cream), anti-mosquitoes, make up or hair spray before going in the water. Avoid using plastic and put your trash where it is supposed to go.
  • Please share as much as you want on social medias, the hashtag is #azulfreedivingchallenge
  • Make sure you pay your Cenote fee.

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Azul Freediving Challenge

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