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From a local event to the biggest freediving event in North America

History of the competition

In 2024, Pranamaya will organize the 11th edition of Azul Freediving Challenge on May 24, 25 & 26th and the 12th edition on September 27, 28, 29th.

  • The first edition of Azul Freediving Challenge was organized in September 2017 in Tulum with a small team and two buoys supporting 20 divers from different nationalities!
  • After the second edition in Tulum, the quickly growing event moved in 2019 to Cenote Azul near Bacalar. It had gained the sufficient notoriety to attract more than 30 divers from 13 distinctive nationalities.
  • Since 2020 we have hosted the Azul Freediving Challenge at Cenote Yumkin, where we have found the home for our event
  • Since 2021 we now organize 2 editions of the competition each year due to constant growing number of interested athletes.
  • The 7th and 8th editions in 2022 have been a great success.We received more than 70 athletes from all around the world, including 17 national records, and a deepest dive at 80 meters!

A constantly growing competition

Since the first edition, the event has been constantly growing and evolving. The organization’s creativity and the constant drive to enhance the competition allows the Azul Freediving Challenge to expand and offer new ways to enjoy and follow this unique event at each edition.

To support the performance of our divers, we have added something new to the competition at each step throughout the event’s history:

  • In 2019 the core team expanded, adding more safeties and judges
  • In 2020 we moved to a deeper cenote with hospitality infrastructure to allow us to host our growing public audience.
  • In 2021 we installed a live stream to allow people to follow every single dive on Youtube in real time.
  • In 2022 we launched a professional competition platform.

Our philosophy is to keep on growing every year, adding unique features to our competition. One of our primary future goals is the addition of more cameras for a more dynamic live stream experience including an underwater camera placed at depth.


Mi name is Mon and I have participated in the Azul Freediving Challenge five times since 2019. I’ve won different medals and the overall two times. I really like this competition, the cenote is a nice place with good conditions, the organization is awesome, they take care of every little detail, safeties are well prepared and they give you that confidence, and the people all around is wonderful. Perfect comp for your first time and also if you do have experience.

Monserrat Peart
Mexican Freediver

El Azul freediving challenge es una competencia de gran nivel para todo tipo de apneistas personalmente es una de mis favoritas dónde me he divertido muchisimo, me he sentido más seguro y he logrado desarrollar mis habilidades y mejorar marcas. Además de estar en una mágica locación con condiciones ideales para freedive.

Amerigo Moran
Guatemalan Freediver

I’ve participated in the Azul Freediving Challenge since the first edition in 2019. It’s been amazing to see Azul grow each year, with new athletes and challenges. The 70m Challenge especially is a fun, unique opportunity to include everyone, even deeper divers. This year, I’m definitely going to try again for the big prize!

Roberto Guzman
Mexican Freediver

I love this competition! I love that no matter what your level is – you are welcome here. It is extremely well organized, safety team is superb and you will meet a lot of great people and make new friends here! I was new to depth competitions when I first joined Azule Challenge. I was amazed with how much support I got from the organizers and from other competitors, both new comments and established competitors with national records under their belts. Come and become a part of this extended Pranamaya family!

Konstantin Gariaev
Canadian Freediver
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