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PranaMaya Freediving

Pranamaya Freediving is a freediving shop and school located in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) since 2012.

Julien Borde the owner decided to organize freediving competiton in 2016 with his team ! The May and September 2024 Yum Ki’n edition will be the 11th & 12th editions. We are improving the quality of the events every year on every aspects like safety, fun, facilities, education and even the Media communication. If you want to be part of the adventure contact us !

Over 35 competitors from all over the planet joined us for the 2019 edition, even more people and nation expected for this next edition.

2022 Official Sponsors

Azul Freediving Challenge
Water sports equipment brand

Cressi is a Family Owned Company that creates premium water sports products for people that love the water and the sea. Their goal is to create the highest quality products, and their family’s name is molded into every product that they make. Their priority is that everyone that uses a Cressi product, will enjoy his or her water sports experience.

Freediving agency

What sets Depth Wish apart from the rest is that we take it a step further by teaching each student advanced breathing and mindfulness techniques that you will not find in any other course. Additionally, Depth Wish teaches more than just the standard education; students will also leave with comprehensive dry training knowledge that they can apply to their everyday training in order to build their diving skills outside of the water. 

Yum Ki'n Edition Hosted By

Cenote Yum Ki'n

The Yum Ki’n park is hosting our Azul Freediving Challenge Yum Ki’n Edition since 2020. 

The Cenote Yum-Kin is located 74km away from Playa Del Carmen and it’s a perfect place for freediving ! It is a large Cenote with facilities near by to get ready. The Cenote itself has a depth of 87m

A huge thank to Yum K’in staff for hosting our event!

Cenote Yum Ki'n

In collaboration with


Freedive shop located in Tulum. It has been part of the team since the 2nd edition in 2017.


This is specialized education course lead by our chief safety Chris, mandatory if you want to be part of the safety team

Platform coordinator

Aakja Freediving is a Freediving agency. It is the first freediving school in Mexico recognised by Cressi.


Apnea Cancun is a Freediving school based in Cancun, Mexico.

Assurance Athlete

Journey sports is an insurance company based in Cancun, Mexico. This company is specialised in athletes’ insurance.


AIDA competition

The competition is open to every certified freedivers and we will follow the standards of the freediving agency called AIDA international

If you want your performance to be official and validated by AIDA, you will need to sign up on their website to become an official freediving athletes

We will have two official international judges, they can validate National Record ! So don t miss the opportunity to represent your home country.

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Want to become a sponsor ?

All the partnerships of the Azul Freediving Challenge will have the opportunity to be associated with a growing underwater sport during a international AIDA championship. It is also the possibility for your brand to be integrated with a modern and aesthetic sport that respects the Environment and builds personal awareness and self-confidence among participants. We’re able to offer a popular and accessible location to present your brand, surrounded by international spectators. 

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