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May 20th to 22nd


If you do not have experience in competition, enjoy this workshop to get education before participating !

Even for experienced freediver, a competition is something quite intense and can make you nervous. So if you do not have experience in competition it is really important to get education before participating, it is a must to know all the rules and know how everything works on the comp day.

We will run this workshop May 20th, 21st & 22nd. In the morning we will go though the AIDA rules and all the tips you need to know. In the afternoon we will get in the water and practice, including deep dives but also to work on your techniques and apply the AIDA rules to make sure you will have a successful competition. More info…

Included in the price :

  • transportation, 
  • food,
  • entrance fees,
  • equipment available if you need it.

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